for participants


Obtaining a visa may take several weeks. If you need visa to participate, please make sure that you know what is required to obtain a visa in your country and make sure to meet the deadline for applications. Please feel free to contact us if you need any support from us in order to obtain your visa.


What to bring with you (among others):

  • sports clothes, shoes for hiking and sport
  • sleeping bag
  • slippers (= house shoes)
  • raincoat, umbrella, (eventually also a hat, sunglasses and UV-creme for hiking and sunbathing during hot afternoon)
  • a few sheets of paper and something to write with
  • (musical instruments, sheets of your favourite music)
  • torch (= flashlight)
  • backpack (for hiking)
  • mobile phone (if you have one)
  • swimsuit, warm clothes (for cold evenings)
  • anything in English we might use (songs, meditations, games etc.)

Method of payment

A) Domestic transfer (tuzemsky platebni styk):

  • Beneficiary’s account number (cislo uctu prijemce): 190807357
  • Bank code (kod banky): 0300 (CSOB, a.s.)
  • Amount (castka):   = 2200,00/2600,00
  • Currency (mena): CZK
  • Variable symbol (variabilni symbol): date of birth DDMMYYYY (datum narozeni DDMMRRRR)
  • Specific symbol : 017602405
  • Notice for payer and beneficiary = AV field (zprava pro platce a prijemce = AV pole): INTERNATIONAL CAMP
  • If you have any question about this kind of payment, please ask the bank clerks.

B) International transfer – (mezinarodni platebni styk):

  • Beneficiary’s IBAN = International Bank Account Number: CZ31 0300 0000 0001 9080 7357
  • Amount:=2200,00/2600,00
  • Currency: CZK
  • Variable symbol: date of birth DDMMYYYY (datum narozeni DDMMRRRR)
  • Specific symbol: 017602405
  • Code of charges: SHA
  • Do not use code of charges BEN!
  • Purpose of transfer / information for beneficiary: INTERNATIONAL CAMP
  • Today’s exchange rates: here (nakup = bank buys from you, prodej = bank sells you, stred = middle)
  • If you live in a state that is a member of European Economic Community, try to use some special kind of international transfer that is cheaper – for expmple „TARGET2“ or „SEPA“. Ask the bank clerks.